After Branding

What to do with your brand after you've been branded.

You have made it, or so you thought. There is so much more to building your brand that just being branded. Much like any major commitment in life, your brand is not something that will build itself on its own.

Now What? What do you do with your brand after you’ve been branded?

Image and presence are extremely important when working on the development of your brand. Branding is about being personal so you should always A.C.T when it comes to your brand. A.C.T is short for Authenticity, Clarity, and Transparency. Be the real you, don’t try to fake who you are. Be clear about what your brand is and what you want people to take away from it. And be an open book; make sure to tell the truth and say it like it is.

Make Sure to A.C.T

One of the most important aspects of a brand is keeping it timeless, wherever possible. Time changes everything; your brand is no exception and neither is your target audience. To be timeless means to not be affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

Marketing Ideas to Help Get Your Name Out There

  • pick a product or service you want to sell – then concentrate on a marketing campaign only for that
  • connect with all of your past clients and ask them what they need assistance with
  • printing isn’t necessarily dead…yet. Send some mail to your audience and clients. Who doesn’t like getting mail that isn’t a bill?
  • guerrilla marketing : do something wild and have a dance-off in front of strangers or put up a pop-up shop to get to know your community
  • exhibit at a trade show; have the best looking booth out of all the vendors
  • update your packages so that they are in line with your new brand
  • create a landing page to bring awareness to your new/ pre-existing product or service
  • make sure your website is up to date (pictures, images, text)
  • review target audience, send out notice about changes you’ve made, and spark the excitement about your brand

How long ago did you update your logo? Maybe it’s time for a minor refresh to spruce things up while keeping that timeless feel!

In Conclusion

Establishing a brand is a main step in the staircase to a successful business. Maintaining consistent relevance and creativity throughout years to come is a necessary commitment to your brand.

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