A Look at One of Distill’s Workspaces

Alpha is the lead designer and protector of the galaxy…or at least here at Distill Design.

1) Lava lamp, how groovy

2) A collection of Alpha’s sketches

3) “Tin Man”… A painting made by Alpha’s brother, Alex

4) Distill water bottle… stay hydrated!

5) A real landline telephone with wires #oldschool

6) Drawing tablet for.. well, drawing

7) The screens..this is where the magic happens

8) Camera for perspective shots

9) Darth Vader, enemy of the galaxy

10) Microphone..is this thing on?

11) Lightsaber.. to protect the galaxy

12) Collection of design reference books

13) Photo of Monica, Alphas other half

14) Extra screens to see work on various screen sizes

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