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What you’ll be working on:

• Discovering your brand personality, messaging and brand plan
• Logo & website design considerations and best practices
• Developing the client experience
• Creating a tagline that is meaningful and actually sticks
• Sharing your core values in a meaningful and creative way through something called a ‘manifesto’
• Tools for increasing brand awareness

What you get from the course:

• You’ll have written out a solid brand plan/action plan that will help you set your goals and next steps for developing your brand or re-brand
• You’ll have developed your very own set of values in a nicely organized and creative way that you can call your ‘Manifesto’
• You will have a good idea of what you want your logo to look like, and even have some some sketches ready to show a designer
• You’ll have started a plan on how to make a great or better experience for your clients
• You will know exactly what needs to be done to improve your website so viewers stay longer than 3 seconds!


Where does this course take place?
Online, anytime, anywhere, do-at-your own pace!
How long will I have access to this course?
You will have access until Dec 31, 2020.
Is there a workbook or any other downloadables included?
Yes! There are worksheets that you will be able to download within the modules and use during and after the course. You’ll also be able to to download a beautiful course workbook with note sheets, inspiring quotes and even some colouring!
How long is the course?
Over 3 hrs of video training + extra time for homework.
How many modules are there and what are the topics?
You can download a full course outline by clicking HERE.

Are you looking for ways to make a bigger impact in your business, but don’t know much about branding or how that can help? Or do you have a cool new business that you’re looking to brand? Maybe you have an established business and you’re looking to take your brand to the next level? If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! We’ve taken our LIVE workshop style Branding Masterclass, and created an ONLINE course so you can develop YOUR kickass brand at YOUR own pace!

Join Monica, Co-Owner & Creative Director at Distill Design, for an exclusive branding experience as she helps you discover more about YOUR brand, and BEING YOUR GREATNESS, in this educational and creative online course.

Regular $197  SAVE 75% for a Limited Time!

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The best thing from the Branding Masterclass for me really is helping me with some clarity. Clarity on my business, and focus on how I brand myself, and how I put myself out there to the world. Thanks Alpha! Thanks Monica!

Wendy Buchanan

Owner, Perceptions Eyewear & Be Spectacular

What I learned today was where to start. I had so much going in my mind…I just kept putting everything aside, not branding myself …there’s so many different directions to go…I didn’t know which one was right for me. Distill put me in that right direction and now I have this clarity, and I feel good about where my business is gonna go and what I can do with it. Thank you!

Carol Heslin

Owner, The Sole Point

I’m getting real clear on my vision for myself and my business and the brand that’s gonna go along with that. Three main things that I’ve gotten out of this course is clarity, creativity and some ideas for making it real. Thanks very much Alpha and Monica! I highly encourage anybody looking to re-brand or get some great ideas to contact them!

Shellie Deloyer

Owner, Bright Futures Education & Career Coaching

This IS for you if:

• You’re someone who knows nothing about branding, but wants to learn before hiring a design agency, or embarking on branding on your own
• You’re a business owner who wants to build on or re-brand on your current brand foundation, in order to make a bigger impact
• You’re enthusiastic about your business and where it’s headed
• You care about having a professional image and lasting impression
• You value authenticity and want to represent your greatest self through your brand
• You’re willing to invest some time to learn more about and work on your brand, so that you can talk to your ideal audience

Some fun bonuses!!!

1. The Website Worksheet – This will help you create an action plan with deadlines, on key items that need to be done with your website. You can easily hand this over to your web designer to get started! (PDF)
2. How to WOW Factor Your Website w/ Host Jason Reid (Audio)
3. The Year – NO – The Decade of Video w/ guest Sight Seven Productions (Video)
4. Online Marketing 101 w/ guest Leigh Fowler (Video)

The Teacher, Monica Blackburn:

Monica is well known for developing brands as co-owner and Creative Director at Distill Design, a Branding and Graphic Design agency. Monica’s love has always been in fine arts and entrepreneurship. She won awards such as ‘Best in Class’ and the 2013 ‘Business Award of Excellence’. Her experience stems from the highest level of customer service, which adds loads of value to the overall customer experience for her clients. She’s helped brands open brick and mortar, become #1 best seller in a major book store, and helped them go from zero$ to thousands$ in 3 months. Her creativity and dedication to helping brands succeed comes from a ‘never give up’ and ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude.
 ‘Getting to the finish line may seem like a long road, but with a clear vision, it’s right in front of you. And when you get there, you realize it’s just the start. The start of something very big.’ Life Motto: Dream Big. Do Big.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’ve completely filled out all of your worksheets and have done all of your homework (logo creation, manifesto creation tagline creation, etc.), and feel that you have not received value in this course, simply send all of the completed worksheets and proof of all your homework completed within 60 days of the purchase date to, and we will refund you 100% of the course fee that you invested. Please note that once the refund has been made, you will no longer have access to the course, but you get to keep your course workbook for future reference and all the bonuses you’ve dowloaded or have links to!

Regular $197  SAVE 75% for a Limited Time!

NOW $47!!!