Having an assigned seat has its positives, but it can also become repetitive and boring. Sometimes all we need is a little change in scenery with no distractions that come along with either working from home or in an office space with other colleagues. Hotelling is an office technique that allows workers to sign out different areas and choose where they sit upon coming into the office by reservation. This gives the employee the freedom to choose a work area that best fits their most current needs.

Businesses have found that hotelling helps for motivation and inspiration within the work day. While in some industries this will not work, it excels for others.

There is another type of method similar to this called “beach toweling” which is a little less controlled. Beach toweling refers to having no reservations for seating allowing employees to sit anywhere they want when they come into work on a first come basis.

In conclusion our take on hoteling is no matter where you work or what your work space is, change it up a bit to keep the creativity flowing.

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