Are you currently struggling with your schedule and losing precious time?

Connecting your Psychotherapy practice to more private clients, corporations and groups.

Confidence and relief

in your brand. Finally.

What's wrong here?

Current website isn’t bringing in clients

They said just a few clicks???

DIY site just doesn’t look right or not helping your ranking

Nothing is working

Struggling to grow your client base

Tired of figuring out how to take what’s in your head,
then communicate it to potential clients?

Are you a Psychotherapist who…

is wanting to grow their practice?

wants to make a difference?

is trying to start an initiative?

wants more out of their practice?

Ready to take the next step?


Elevate my status and build market authority, allowing better positioning for corporate & group clients?

Learn more about your team!

myth #1

I can just write a couple of blog posts and the traffic will just come pouring in.

myth #2

I can do it fast and easy in Wix or Squarespace for a fraction of the cost.

myth #3

I’m really good at writing my own copy so I won’t be needing any assistance with that. (Conversion copy is very different from statistical copy or informative data.)

myth #4

I have to be on all social media platforms to get to my ideal client.

myth #5

I can’t charge more because I feel like an imposter or I just feel bad about it.

what we do for you…


We see our process as one of refinement. A sifting and sorting to separate what is distracting from what really matters. We help you get to where you want to be – through exceptionally personalized branding.


Whether that’s a re-brand, website, marketing materials, or a combination of these, we craft your brand to look great and show who you are so that you can reach more of the people you want to impact. Nothing extra, nothing wasted, all to a purpose.

Who it’s not for…

The ‘I Know Everythingist’

Come open-minded and ready for a new experience. Change “I know everything” to “I am present.”

The ‘Pessimist’

Usually, you seek help out of frustration and doubt. It is important to value the people trying to help you.

The ‘Trend-Chaser’

Trends come and go. Set your own trend and create your own rules.

The ‘Anti-Changeist’

Change can be difficult, but if you simply put trust into the creative process, the act of change becomes liberating. Confidence is earned, not given.

our offerings


Content Creation

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Web Development

Business Strategy

Web Design


intro call…

Book an Intro Call that will be with Monica or Alpha for 15-20 min to get clear on what you need, if we’re a good fit, and next steps.

You will receive a virtual meeting link once you have booked your meeting day and time.

the process…

Introductory Conversation

Let’s discuss your project. Are we a good fit?

Discovery is a beautiful thing

Discovery meetings until we truly understand your practice, packed with lots of ah-ha moments!

Creation & Development

Logo is created. Website is designed and built. 

Momentum & Growth

We continue meeting weekly to keep your momentum going.

who we work with…

Its important to our clients that they have a positive impact in their communities. Great people that do great work is the key to that.

From Our Clients

“Thank you so much! I still can’t believe how beautiful this looks, honestly. You are so creative and all I can say is, wow! Truly. It’s like you entered my head and externalized all the feelings I have about my practice, my work, my life, and put it there.”

Ivana Kolakovic

MA, Registered Psychotherapist (she/her), Ivana Psychotherapy

“Thank you for asking the questions that bring out the fullness of the goodness that is within me. I feel more powerful and confident in my work!!!! I absolutely LOVE collaborating with you!!!!”

Sarah-Jane Vandenberg

Founder, The Career Growth Company

“Distill Design is the best web designer I’ve met. Their design expertise, creative input and project execution is outstanding. Projects are extremely timely and perfectly executed. I have recommended them to a number of my own clients and consider them an exceptional resource.”

Leslie Hudson Salisbury

MACP, Registered Psychotherapist

“Thanks to Monica Blackburn and Alpha Blackburn of Distill Design for being a great team to work with from beginning to end! Your creativity, perseverance and dedication has been amazing!”

Natalie Haynes

R.P., Registered Psychotherapist (she/her), Natalie Haynes Psychotherapy

intro call…

Book an Intro Call that will be with Monica or Alpha for 15-20 min to get clear on what you need, if we’re a good fit, and next steps.

You will receive a virtual meeting link once you have booked your meeting day/time.